INDUSTRY AIR SALES LTD., is a Brampton, Ontario, based supplier of Commercial & Industrial Air Filtration and Dust Collection Equipment. INDUSTRY AIR SALES LTD. (IAS) represents many high-end manufacturers’ of air filtration and dust collection equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Aeroex
  • Aireau Qualite Control (AQC)
  • Contamination Technology Corp (CTC)
  • DenRay Tables
  • Eurovac
  • Filtration Group
  • Goyen Valve
  • Nord-Fab Ducting
  • United Air Specialists (UAS)

IAS can supply equipment-only or complete Turnkey solutions within the following product lines:

  • Cleanroom Filtration and Ceiling and Wall Systems,
  • Downdraft Benches,
  • Dry Dust Collection Systems,
  • Wet Dust Collection Systems,
  • Dust Collector Pulsing Components,
  • HEPA Filtration Systems,
  • Industrial Vacuum Systems,
  • Emission Monitoring Systems,
  • Oil Mist Collection Systems.

With over 50 years of combined industrial filtration experience, the filtration experts at Industry Air Sales Ltd. can design your ducting system, select the best piece of equipment for your application and install all of the components into an effective, workable filtration system. We can partner with you or your in-house contractor, or we can function as your project manager and offer a complete package including any or all of the following services: Pre-Start Health & Safety, Equipment Layout and CAD Drawing, Fully Insured and Bonded Mechanical and Electrical Contracting, Commissioning and Training Programme.

深海捕鱼大师And IAS has significant experience in some of the most “dust sensitive environments” including:

  • Pharmaceutical & BioPharma
  • Food
  • Hospital & Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Gas Turbine Inlet Filtration
  • Automotive Assembly and Finishing
  • Wood Working

Please visit our website for detailed product information, visit our partners’ websites, or contact us directly by phone (1-888-211-0171) or email at info@bonsailed.com深海捕鱼大师 and let our experience work for you!

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Non-Goyen Valves and Parts (ASCO®, TaeHa® and Turbo®)

Industry Air Sales Ltd. (IAS) has been your trusted Canadian source for Goyen & Mecair dust collector valves and parts for almost 20 years. We have grown over the years to become Canada’s largest stocking distributor of Goyen & Mecair

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The Medical-Cannabis industry has grown almost overnight in Canada, but there is limited expertise or experience from Canadian consultants or design-build contractors with respect to HVAC systems and filtration. Many of these facilities are vacant manufacturing plants and warehouses being

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